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We can help your business grow!

You need time to focus on new ideas for your business. Having a small business could be challenging because you have so many great ideas, but little time to do it. We want you have the time you need to keep your business functioning. Below you will find the services we could provide for your company. We look forward to being an asset to your company.


Vaughn Services has a staff that's ready to market through top social media to send traffic your way. We will also do a weekly, Bi-weekly, or monthly follow up with your customers.

Website builder

Let us build your website for you. This will be an excellent way to explain what your company has to offer. Your customers will be able to make appointments, and purchases right from your website.

Customer Service Agents

Are you too busy to answer your phone for your customers? Don't worry we have you covered. We will be able to take your calls and answer any questions that your customers needs.


We can create invoices for your customers and employees. That will be sent directly to their email or mailing address. 


We will build your surveys to send to your employees and or customers to understand what they think of your company and services. This is important because it allows you to understand what you could be doing to better your company.

Market Shopping

Lets find out what your competition is doing. We could tell you how good and or bad their services are. We could provide you with tips on how you could stay on top, and provide better services than your competitor.

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